TesoRx's core competency is in efficient drug delivery

We have developed a novel and proprietary formulation platform that enables drug delivery using otherwise impossible mechanisms / routes of administration and have already created the following formulations:

  • Intravesical delivery of paclitaxel for bladder cancer
  • Differentiated oral testosterone for adult male hypogonadism ("Low-T")
  • Orphan designated novel testosterone formulation for treating delayed growth and puberty in boys ("CDGP")

Each of TesoRx’s development programs, if approved, have the potential to be first/best in class drugs in disease spaces with high unmet needs.

Oral Drug Delivery

Some drugs have historical challenges in being delivered orally and can only be administered intravenously or through topical application. TesoRx's proprietary platform technology addresses the most common challenges of these drugs, such as low aqueous solubility, toxicity, gastric degradation and high first pass hepatic degradation.

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How it works

  • TesoRx's innovative technology allows for drugs to be incorporated into a solid pro-liposomal formulation that is contained in an enteric coated capsule. The capsule bypasses gastric degradation in the stomach and solves the first pass metabolism challenge of some drugs.
  • Once the capsule releases in the intestines and the formulation hydrates, the liposomal complexes are absorbed via the lymphatic system. By bypassing the liver, our platform has solved the challenge of hepatic metabolism and allows for excellent oral bio-availability of the drug.

Read more about how this technology is applied to TesoRx's Low-T and CDGP products.

Intravesical Drug Delivery

Current intravesical treatments for especially bladder cancer have solubility and absorption issues in the acidic urine environment. TesoRx's pro-liposomal platform technology allows proven oncology agents to be targeted directly at tumors and reducing the risk of systemic toxicity.

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How it works

  • The oncology agent is incorporated in a pro-liposomal powder formulation that can be easily stored in a closed system, ready for treatment.
  • Before intravesical administration, the powder is reconstituted in the closed system with no risk of contamination to the health care professional. It spontaneously creates soluble liposome complexes in the acidic bladder environment thereby solving the solubility challenge of these treatments.

Read more about how this technology is applied to TesoRx's Bladder Cancer product.