A Phase 1/2a Study to Determine the Dose Response Pharmacokinetics of TSX-011 (Testosterone Undecanoate) in Hypogonadal Males

TesoRx is currently conducting a phase 1/2a, open-label, single-center study with 3 periods to establish dose-response, confirm optimum dosing conditions and evaluate the efficacy, safety and tolerability of TSX-011 in up to 24 hypogonadal men.

Period 1 is an ascending single-dose study of TSX-011 at 3 doses, with the lowest dose administered under fed and fasted conditions. Before exposure to TSX-011, a 24 hour baseline measurement of testosterone and DHT will be performed for each subject. 

Period 2 is a twice-daily dosing period, where fed subjects will be dosed with TSX-011 twice daily for 15 days (Days 1 through 15). Pharmacokinetic assessments over 24 hours will occur on Days 1 and 15. The TSX-011 dose will be titrated up or down beginning with the Day 16 (Period 3) morning dose, based on established dosing rules.

Period 3 is a dose-adjusted adaptive design period that begins on Day 16, with the first adjusted TSX-011 dose administered in the fed state on a once-daily or twice-daily schedule. The 6-hour postdose (± 15 minutes) testosterone level on Day 19 will be used to perform the second and final TSX-011 dose adjustment, based on established criteria. As specified by the dose adjustment rules, Day 26 begins with either a once-daily, twice-daily, or thrice-daily fed dose schedule. The thrice-daily dose schedule will be administered only to non-responders. On Day 30, a 24 hour PK assessment will be performed, and the subject's participation in the study is completed the morning of Day 31.

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