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TesoRx Product Pipeline

TSX-049 is a novel, oral formulation of Testosterone containing Testosterone Undecanoate that is designed to help restore normal Testosterone levels in males with hypogonadism. TSX-049 successfully completed the first part of a multiple formulation study in canines and the initiation of the second and final part of the study in collaboration with ASKA Pharmaceutical. Successful completion of the study would allow for a human clinical trial to be initiated in Q2 2020 with potential U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval as soon as 2023.

TSX-002 is an oral testosterone for the treatment of constitutional delay in growth and puberty in boys. It has demonstrated preclinical safety and efficacy and established human proof of concept in more than 200 adult male patients.

TBC-1002 is a proliposomal intravesical paclitaxel formulation (PLIP) in development for intravesical administration in the treatment of non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC). NMIBC is a common and highly recurrent disease that can often be difficult to treat. TBC-1002 would be the first chemotherapeutic therapy to be approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for this indication in almost two decades. For more information on TBC-1002, click here

UTUC-1005 is a PLIP combined with a proprietary installation device for the treatment of Upper Tract Urothelial Carcinoma (UTUC). Phase 2 clinical studies of UTUC-1005 will begin following the completion of TBC-1002's Phase 2A clinical study.

IPOC-1007 is a new liposomal enhanced intraperitoneal chemotherapy (LEIPC) for the intraperitoneal treatment of Stage II/III ovarian cancer and intraperitoneal cancer. It utilizes PLIP technology to improve penetration and enhance tolerability and may result in improved overall survival rates. LEIPC is instilled intraperitoneal every three weeks and is likely to be better tolerated than non-LEIPC treatments.